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Code Of Conduct (Rules.)
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11th Aug 2014

Code Of Conduct
1) First and foremost there is no cheating. This includes: manipulating maps or network conditions and anything determined by Sony or its affiliates to be cheating. If you are caught doing this you will be immediately removed from TGA and not welcome to come back.

2) Racism or discrimination of any kind based upon age, race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment is also grounds for removal. We are equal opportunity gamers and we expect you to be as well.

3) We hold ourselves and our clan to high standards and expect you to as well. Present yourself to other gamers in a professional manner when online. Unprofessional behavior can result in a demotion or removal from TGA, this includes, but is not limited to:
• Poaching, or actively taking members from other clans.
• Intoxication while performing duties.
• When joining TGA you agree that you are not in another clan and you will only be in TGA once you join.
• Continually causing, or getting involved in unnecessary problems or conflicts will make you eligible for demotion or further disciplinary action.

4) Show respect to your community members. Every person in this community deserves EQUAL respect, from the Recruits to the CC! If you show respect you will receive it in return.
If you are a party leader, you are required to remove the player that is being disrespectful from the party, even if he/she is or isnt in the gaming community.

5) If a higher-ranking member sends you a party invite they need to speak with you. So when you are done with the game you are to come immediately. These meetings normally don't last very long, so you can return to playing in no time.

6) Don't ask your higher-ranking members for a promotion, they are watching your clan involvement and when they feel you have earned a promotion, you will be ranked up.

7) All members must follow the Xbox Live/PSN Code of Conduct. Any members caught violating those rules will be dealt with a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY, being immediately removed from TGA

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Forum » Forums » General Discussion Locked
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