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Operation: Eyes of Blight
SC TheGreatWafflesE7 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 28th Feb 2015

Take down the Fomorian Vessels!
A message from the Lotus:
Vay Hek is making his move. We have just detected a Balor Fomorian traveling on an interception course with Vesper Relay. The beast moves slowly but if we allow it to get within firing range, it will surely obliterate our new Relay. We need to destroy it before that happens.
Intelligence reports state that the Balor Fomorian’s power core emits a thick energy field composed of deadly omega radiation. In order to break through the field you will need to craft this Fomorian Disruptor. It will allow you to safely approach the core and when activated it will temporarily disrupt the core allowing you to inflict damage.
Take note Tenno, the Disruptor is forged using recently discovered Omega Isotopes. These are a by-product of a Fomorian’s core and will only appear in and around planets with a Fomorian present.
Move quickly Tenno, this is the first Balor Fomorian attack but it won’t be the last. When the others come we must be ready.
- The Lotus
The Eyes of Blight event will start February 24, 2pm EST until March 6, 2pm EST
- Fomorian Vessels will intermittently appear in the Solar System as event nodes. These event nodes will be locked until you have the Fomorian Disruptor in your Consumable Inventory.  
- You will receive a Blueprint from the Lotus for the Fomorian Difsruptor. It will require Nano Spores, Cryotic, and Omega Isotopes to craft.  
- Build your Disruptor in the Foundry and equip it in your Gear Menu to start the Fomorian Sabotage Mission.
- Once in the Mission, fly to the Fomorian. Once you’re close enough to the Fomorian you must disable the exterior Shield Cores so you can enter the ship.  
- The Fomorian’s internal Shield Generators are protected by a magnetic field. Use your Fomorian Disruptor from the Gear menu to disrupt the magnetic field, and temporarily expose the Shield Generators, allowing you to destroy them.
- With the Shield Generators destroyed you can now deal damage to the ship’s Main Reactor Power Cores.  
- After damaging the cores, escape to safety outside the Fomorian.
- Completing a successful Sabotage run will earn you event points, and reduce the global health of the Fomorian.
- Your Fomorian Disruptor will be consumed after completing the Fomorian Sabotage mission.
- Completing the Fomorian Sabotage mode successfully will earn you one Battle Point.
- You can earn a maximum of one Battle Point per Fomorian. Repeating the same Fomorian will not generate additional Battle Points. These points will count towards individual rewards.
- Fomorian missions with a higher level of difficulty will provide extra points.
Leaderboards are available for players that want to compete for the best score during Fomorian Sabotage Missions. Your individual score is determined by the amount of damage dealt to the Fomorian Power Core during a single run. The highest scores can only be achieved by squads with coordinated deployment of Fomorian Disruptors, and efficient attacks on the Power Cores.
- Clan Scoring considers the following:
 Your score will be based on the most damage dealt to the Fomorian Power Core in a given mission. Clan score is sum of personal best but divided by max clan size for that tier (ie: 10 for Ghost Clan, 1000 for Moon).                                                                                                                                                                   
2 BATTLE POINTS: Eyes of Blight Skin Pack (Badge + Rahk Fluctus Skin)
5 BATTLE POINTS: Eyes of Blight Mod Pack (Magma Chamber + Searing Steel)
10 BATTLE POINTS: Imperator Vandal
Trophies will be awarded to every participating clan.

The Tenno Relays are open to all Tenno. 
Here’s an overview of what the Relays have to offer:
- Relay Stations are available on many planets, and are a great way to meet other Tenno looking to complete Missions in that sector.
- Players can create or join a squad while inside the Relay, then use the Relay’s Mission Control in the Northern Wing to start a mission.
- Players can also alter their loadout in Mission Control, should they need a different build for a more specialized mission.  These changes will reflect to other nearby Tenno.
- Each Syndicate has their own room on Tenno Relays, and are more than happy to trade their usual rewards in-person instead of through the Liset’s console.
- Syndicate rooms each have a special representative that collects Medallions, a new Currency for earning Standing.
- Various art and lighting updates have been made to Tenno Relays!  Be sure to explore and take in the new look and explore each of the multiple floors available in the Concourse.
- Various NPCs within Tenno Relays will be a little more lively now that they have animations.
What’s New:

Kohm:  The Kohm is a primary plasma shotgun with a unique held-trigger function.  For every shot fired in rapid succession the Kohm releases an additional bolt, growing more lethal with every pull of the trigger!

Tipedo: Prepare to unleash fury with the Tipedo. With its crescent shaped blades flying in sweeping arcs and striking at tremendous speed, this Tenno Staff demands focus from those wishing to unlock its true power.

Panthera: Firing high-velocity blades, this weapon can also be used as a battle-saw, shredding anything unfortunate enough to get within range.

ITZAL ARCHWING: Designed for quick clandestine attacks, the Itzal Archwing excels at striking from the darkness of space.
Blink: The Itzal Archwing teleports a short distance, dropping all enemy target locks.
Penumbra:  Activates a cloaking field that hides the Warframe and any nearby allies who remain stationary.
Cosmic Crush:  Forms a miniature black hole that sucks in all nearby objects before rupturing in a massive shock wave.
Fighter Escort:  Deploys drones that fight alongside the Warframe, each detonating in a destructive blast when killed.
New Archwing Weapons
FLUCTUS:  An Archwing energy weapon that sends waves of deadly plasma crashing into enemies.
CENTAUR:   Part sword, part shield, the Centaur excels at charging headlong into enemy fire.
Start your Research for the Itzal and Fluctus in the Clan Dojo, and purchase the blueprint for the Centaur from the Marketplace today!
Coming soon: Void Trader!
 Baro Ki’Teer is a man of rare and luxurious tastes, willing to trade a wide variety of his acquired goods in exchange for the unique items that Tenno often discover when traveling the Void.  While he is often in demand his appearance on a Relay is rare, heralded by Ducat Kiosks in the main Concourse.
- Players can trade in unused Prime parts for Orokin Ducats, the only currency that Baro Ki’Teer accepts.
- Orokin Ducats can be traded to Baro Ki’Teer alongside a sum of credits for unique Mods, weapons, and cosmetic items.
- Baro Ki’Teer’s presence on a Relay Station is random limited to only a few days.
- Some of Baro Ki’Teer’s goods are tradable with other Tenno.
Coming soon: Darvo’s Market!
 While exploring the Relay Tenno may discover Darvo’s Market, which is sadly not open for business at this time.  Even still, Darvo is never one to turn down a good opportunity to advertise!  Be sure to say hello should you stumble upon his developing storefront.
New: Syndicate Medallions
Medallions are now available on Syndicate Missions.  Medallions act like their own currency, similar to Credits.  Each Syndicate’s Medallion may have their own unique look, but regardless of their appearance all Medallions count toward the same currency pool: Standing!  
When you’re ready to turn in Medallions simply head to your Tenno Relay of choice, visit your Syndicate trader and select how many you wish to turn in.  Different ranks of Medallions can provide greater Standing than others; so keep an eye out for Medallions and plan ahead when you spend them, Tenno.
New Warframe Mod Augments:
 We’ve been working with our Design Council to put more Augments together, as well as adding some of our own! The following Mod Augments are now available through the Syndicate Offerings

New Game Mode:
Corpus Hijack is now live on Sorath-Europa!
The Corpus have begun salvaging their crashed ships on Europa for valuable goods, loading up heavy all-terrain vehicles with cargo for shipment off planet.  Their most treasured shipment of recovered goods has just been readied for extraction, and it’s your job to make sure those secrets go to Tenno hands.
- Locate the Corpus shipment, then guide it safely to extraction through the frozen remains of a Corpus ship’s crash site.
- The Corpus shipment’s vehicle has been re-routed to draw power from Warframe Shields.  Defending the shipment (and one another) from weapon’s fire is the key to victory.
New Enemies:
 More Corpus and Grineer have been corrupted by the Void! 
- Corrupted Butcher has been added to the Orokin Void Mission types.
- Corrupted Rocket Bombard and Corrupted Nullifier have been added to T3 and T4 Void Missions 
New Resource
Tellurium: This rare metal is foreign to the Origin System, broken loose from asteroids that have made the long journey from other stars.  Tellurium can only be obtained in Archwing Missions as a drop from any slain enemy.
Omega Isotopes: Produced by a Fomorian’s power core, these particles only appear on planets where a Fomorian is present.  Omega Isotopes can only be obtained in non-Archwing missions where a Fomorian vessel is present.
Audio Enhancement:
Warframe’s audio has been rebalanced on the PS4! You should notice a significant increase in volume and dynamic range when playing Warframe on the PS4. High-end frequencies have been significantly increased (warning: if you normally turn your volume up when playing Warframe, you might want to adjust it accordingly). 
New: AFK deterrent system
- Players will now be disqualified from end-of-mission rewards if they've been dead or AFK for over two minutes.  This will not affect players that are waiting at extraction.  This timer only matters relative to when the mission is completed. It isn't a 'catch all' net for 100% of the mission.
- Survival, Defense, Interception, etc rewards are revealed during the mission and accumulate without penalty. They are not affected by this new system. 
- Exterminate, Sabotage, Capture, and essentially anything else that has end-of-mission reward items are currently affected by this new system.

- More Relay Polish
- Nekros Changes are in! I'll be monitoring for any issues/missing changes, but so far so good.

Soul Punch Changes: 
·         Soul Punch can be cast from any direction/orientation, meaning that Nekros doesn't have to orient himself to cast on a selected target.
Terrify Changes: 
·         Terrify casting time reduced.
·         Terrify will now affect a greater number of targets.(Before: Maxed Terrify = 12 targets. After: Maxed Terrify = 20 targets.)
·         Terrify can now be recast.
·         Terrify will prioritize unaffected targets on cast.
·         Terrify range has been slightly reduced.  (Before: Maxed Terrify = 20 m. After: Maxed Terrify = 15 m.)
(Already included in U15.10 update) Shadows of the Dead Changes: 
Increased the damage output (x2.5 with Maxed SOTD) of summoned shadows created by Shadows of the Dead.
Increased the health (x2 with Maxed SOTD) of summoned shadows created by Shadows of the Dead.

- Rolled back the Ember Fire Blast changes while we try to fix a few bugs. 
- Fixed a Color Picker bug. 
- Fixed a kiosk bug that caused the UI to freeze

- Preparing a few holiday things
- Relay polish (more polish coming soon)

28th Feb 2015 FM. TheGreatDriverE6
So far we only lost one Relay. I'm sure we can save the rest and we are not even half way into the event. Keep it up guys!!
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